Internally Directed Arms

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Related Terms

Defence Mechanisms, Disjuncture


   • Dissociation – detachment from reality. Disconnection, especially emotional.1 Daydreaming. Dissociative disorders. Typically used in an attempt to avoid stress/pain/conflict in the environment.
   • Diversion/Distraction – engaging in other activities, behaviours that allow one draw attention away from feelings. For example, getting into a running club and spending your entire time running. Includes obsessions, compulsions, hypochondriasis, etc.
   • Repression – forced submersion of thoughts (I am doing something wrong) and feelings, like guilt, shame, etc. For the equivalent internal ARM, see Denial.
   • Regression – fall back to childhood states, allowing only simpler, childlike emotions and awareness.
   • Projection – projecting guilt, shame, other negative emotions and thoughts onto others. 
   • Reaction formation – choreographing the opposite emotions. Denial.