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Awakening is the process of seeing, realizing, and understanding the truths in your life. The more you see, realize, and understand, the more awake (i.e. more Conscious) you are.

Syncretic Terms

Awakening as Union with Reality, Enlightenment, attainment of Buddha Mind, attainment of the Kingdom of God, Moksha, attainment of Christ Consciousness, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Descent of Consciousness, entry into the Holy of Holies, the Triumph of Spirit, removal of The Blindfold, piercing of The Veil, lifting of The Blindfold, Resurrection of Consciousness

Clarification of Consciousness, Daigo, Epiphany, Gnosis, Illumination, Insight, Kensho, Resurrection of Consciousness, Revelation, Satori


Spiritual awakening (or just awakening for short) is typically a volunteer process. It is initiated by intent and (sometimes) facilitated/accellerated with Connection Supplements. In certain situations, Forced Awakening may occur.

Both spiritual and daily awakening occurs when Consciousness is drawn into the Physical Unit (Sosteric, SA1).

Spiritual awakening a biological process that occurs naturally without intervention. The natural process of spiritual awakening can be subverted by Toxic Socialization and associated practices. When the natural process of awakening has been subverted, remedial training and healing are typically required.

Awakening occurs in two basic steps. Step one, become aware that spiritual awakening is a thing. Step two, will/intend it to happen (Sharp, BII).

Spiritual awakening is a significant process that implicates all aspects of an individual's psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual life space.

Spiritual awakening may be initiated via a simple statement of Intent. The intent may be verbal, as in the case of Awakening Mantras, or it may be visual, as in the case of Awakening Visualizations (Sharp, B0; BII). Connection Supplements may also be used to facilitate short-term (a few minutes to a few hours) Connection Experiences (Sosteric, SA1; Sharp, BI),

Awakening (i.e. drawing Consciousness into the vessel) is a complicated and, owing to failures in this planet's Toxic Socialization process, challenging process. In many cases, professional psychological, emotional, and sociological supports are required in order to fully awaken an individual.

Awakening takes time; a single intent statement is always insufficient to guarantee spiritual awakening. Clear intent and vision exercised over an extended period of time are required in order to completely awaken (Sharp, BOOK0, BOOK2).

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