Great Work

Generally, The Great Work is the ongoing spiritual/creative work of improving physical creation and improving our experience of it (Sharp, 2015). Specifically, the Great Work is the work of evolving physical creation to a point of advanced prosperity and strong connection.


"Rolling Thunder spoke about the importance and necessity of global healing and service to the Great Spirit."[1]

A mythical representation of The Great Work is provided in the Song of Creation

The goal of the Great Work is the creation of planets capable of hosting advanced, interstellar, civilizations. A planet capable of hosting an advanced, interstellar, civilization may be referred to as a Pearl of Creation.

The great work involves the evolution of planets capable of sustaining abundant life, and the evolution of living forms capable of containing high levels of Consciousness. See Evolutionary Theory

It is important to note that, contrary to what is typically taught in esoteric/exoteric religious organizations, the Great Work is not an operation that we conduct on our "souls". The Great Work is not an "alchemical" work of soul purification nor is it an evolutionary march to individual advancement. Our souls, our monadic sparks, are already perfect and require no moral, evolutionary, or spiritual development whatsoever.

The Great Work can be considered a spiritual/evolutionary operation designed to uplift physical creation.

There are no "chosen" ones, no special places, and no spots where some are elevated above others. Everybody works together and, when the work is completed, everyone Graduates and shares equally in the benefits.

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