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Consciousness Quotient (CQ) is a number between 0 (dead) and 100 (full) designed to represent the amount of Monadic Consciousness present in a Physical Unit at any given moment (Sosteric, SOA). CQ can be conceptualized using the Water Glass Metaphor where a CQ of 100 is equal to a full glass of water and a CQ of 50 is equal to the glass half full (or half empty, depending on whether its filling or draining).


The amount of Consciousness contained in the body can be phenomenologically measured using the Q-Scale.

Brazdău and Mihai (2011)[1] offer a CQ scale, which they use in their researcher, that contains over 249 items! It would be a challenge using this scale to measure intense connection events. It seems to me that the excessive number of items may indicate construct confusion.

Consciousness fills up the Physical Unit much like water fills a glass. The fill point or level of Consciousness present in the PU at any one time is variable and can be indicated via a simple percentage figure. For example, while sleeping, consciousness is almost wholly absent, present at about the two percent level. While awake and in Normal Consciousness, consciousness fills the glass to about ten percent. In certain higher states of consciousness, whether chemically or naturally induced, and during certain phases of the evolution of this planet, higher percentages are attained.

It is important to note that the CQ is not genetically determined. Higher states of consciousness, peak experiences, evolutionary advances or whatever you want to call them are not confined to the select, the chosen, or the genetically fit mutants. The CQ of the PU is plastic and can be lowered in toxic environments and raised through healthy socialization and various forms of spiritual practice, the exploitation of Entheogens, Shamanic practice, and so on.

The CQ of a PU may be lowered by a) exposing it to Toxic Socialization, b) subjecting it to emotional, psychological, spiritual, and/or physical trauma, c) filling the PU full of toxins, or d) by interfering with proper fluid and nutrient intake.

Theoretically, under ideal and healthy conditions, the CQ of a PU would rise continuously to a peak level of attainment, typically achieved past the age of forty, and extending until the death of the PU. However, since ideal conditions do not yet exist on this earth, in a typical situation, the CQ of the PU would rise from a low of about one percent at birth to a high of about fourteen percent in the adolescent stage where the CQ would then begin to gradually decline over the lifespan of the PU. The gradual decline, evidenced by the gradual physical and mental decline of the physical unit, is the result of toxic and abusive socialization (Toxic Socialization, archetypes designed to limit consciousness in the physical unit, and outright lie and deception design to block consciousness and undermine development and maintenance of the physical unit.

CQ is not equivalent to IQ. IQ was specifically designed to measure an individual's potential to do well in Western-style education systems. CQ is intended to measure the level of Consciousness in the physical body.


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