Monadic Consciousness

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Monadic Consciousness is the smallest unit of awareness that exists within the Fabric of Consciousness. It is the single point of egoic awareness that arises as the result of the intensification in the Fabric of Consciousness. Monadic consciousness is egoic in the sense that there is an independent perspective, identity, and will associated.

Related Terms

Monad > Differentiated Consciousness, First Birth, Intensification of Consciousness, Monadic Consciousness, Monadic Intensification

States of Consciousness

State of Consciousness > Differentiated Consciousness, Emanating Consciousness, Monadic Consciousness, Undifferentiated Consciousness

Syncretic Terms

Spiritual Ego > Ajayu, Angel, Atman, Augoeides, Blazing Star, Brahman, Bright Light, Buddha Nature, Deep Self, Divine Ego, Father in Heaven, Genuine Self, God Self, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Higher Genius, Higher Self, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Immortal Spirit, Inner Self, Inner-Self, Intensification of Consciousness, Kra, La, Monad, Monadic Intensification, Neshamah, Ohr, Original Face, Paramatman, Real Ego, Real Self, Sakshi Chaitanya, Saug, Self, Soul, Spirit, Super Ego, Supreme Self, The Knower, The Witness, Transcendental Self, True Self, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Deity, Universal Self, Vohu Manah


Monadic Consciousness is the "lowest level" of True Consciousness.

Like a leaf on a tree, monadic consciousness is connected to Soul Consciousness (twig) which in turn is connected to Angelic Consciousness (branch) and, finally, God Consciousness (tree trunk).

The Structure of Consciousness is tree-like. See Tree of Consciousness

Tree of Consciousness

When Monadic Consciousness is incarnated and expressed through a Physical Unit we may refer to it as the Resident Monadic Consciousness because it is "resident" in, and owner of, the specific Physical Unit.

Monadic Consciousness, which is [True Conscousness]], may be distinguished from Bodily Consciousness (i.e. Bodily Ego) of the Physical Unit), which is a neuro-physical epiphenomenon.

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