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A pathology is a structural or functional deviation from proper and healthy functioning that has negative consequences for the Physical Unit (e.g. disconnection, disability, disease, and even death of the Physical Unit).

For example, it is proper for the Physical Unit to act in alignment with Consciousness. Failure to act in alignment is pathological and will lead, in the long term, to disconnection, disability, disease, and eventually death of the physical unit. Another example, it is also proper for you to feed your Physical Unit a proper diet high in sugarless fluids (water, tea, etc.). Failure to do so is a pathological deviation from proper function that will lead, in the short term and long term, to disconnection, disability, disease, and death.


Initial improperness leads to deeper pathologies

Eventually, illness, disability, disease, death


All pathology rooted in wrong environment, wrong action, wrong thought. What causes these:

  • Assault (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual) on the Physical Unit.
  • Indoctrination leading to erroneous ideas about Self, God, Consciousness, and Creation that causes an individual to "turn away" from Connection.
  • Unmet and unrecognized Needs

Toxic Socialization


  • disconnection
  • disability
  • disease (physical, mental, emotional illness)
  • death (short term crises, long term deterioration)


First step: Remove Fear

In all cases of mental, emotional, and spiritual pathology is treated by facilitating reConnection to consciousness. If pathology has lead to physical disability or disease, medical intervention may also be required to repair and/or support a damaged Physical Unit

Note that reConnection is not a magic bullet. Reconnection merely shines a light on the situation. If "the castle" has crumbled and humpty has tumbled, it is still going to require lots of work putting it all back together again.

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