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A Conversation Experience (a.k.a. Religious Conversion, Spiritual Conversion, or simply conversion) is a sudden, powerful, but usually brief expansion of Consciousness into the Physical Unit, a Connection Experience in LP words. It is a term commonly used by Western Christians to describe a sudden "turning away" from a "prideful self" and the turning towards, and even union with, a powerful, perceived presence,[1] understood by the Christian as God, often in spite of previous, intractable and even hostile resistance to the idea.

Syncretic Terms for Connection Experience

Connection Experience > Conversion Experience, Liberation, Mystical Experience, Peak Experience, Pure Consciousness Event, Religious Experience, Shogo, Spiritual Experience, Transcendental Experience

See Also

Connection, Connection Event, Connection Outcome, Connection Experience Types


The original meaning of "conversion" revolved around the rootconvertere, which means "to turn around." "The spatial image is one of revolving, reversing, or changing direction, though from the beginning the word was used in a religious sense."[2] In this sense, the term "conversion" is a syncretic term for Alignment

Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, despite being an avowed atheist, had a powerful Conversion Experience which instantly cured him of an alcohol addiction so bad that his doctor was predicting permanent brain damage and death if he did not achieve total abstention.[3] His connection experience activated him and led him to co-create Alcoholics Anonymous. 

R. M. Offord provides several examples of alcoholics who had conversion experiences.[4]

Early iterations of AA seem to have focussed quite explicitly on the elicitation of conversion experience as a powerful cure for the alcoholic's addiction, though later this was largely pushed aside.[5]

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous acknowledges the significance and importance of "Spiritual Experience," but notes that powerful conversion experiences are not necessary for cure, and that transformations may be gradual and occur over time[6] in spiritual experiences that psychologist William James calls the "educational variety," but that on the LP we would call a Glimpse or Intuitive Glimmering.

A conversion experience may also include elements of Awakening (Awakening Experience), Activation (Activation Experience), and Ascension (Unity Experience).

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