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A Glimpse is a sudden, often unexpected, and usually very brief Connection to a higher level of Consciousness than an individual is "normally" used to experiencing. A glimpse may be positive, as in the case of the Peak Experience, or it may be negative, as in the case of the Nadir Experience. A glimpse may be weak, providing little more than an Intuitive Glimmering, or it may be strong and visionary. The key characteristic of a glimpse is that it is short, taking only a few seconds.

List of Awakening Experience Types

Awakening Experiences > Glimpse, Happiness, Initiation Experience

List of Connection Outcomes

This is a list connection outcomes cited in the voluminous sacred and scientific literature of this planet. This is a list, only. Empirical claims must be sorted out in the research and evidence cited in each outcome.

Connection Outcome > Absolute Sensation, Activation, Alignment, Altered State of Consciousness, Ananda, Arendi, Ascension, Awakening, Beatific Vision, Bliss, Bodhisattva, Breakthrough, Buddha Mind, Center, Christ Consciousness, Clarification of Consciousness, Clarity, Connection Psychosis, Consciousness of Presence, Cosmic Bliss, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Religious Feeling, Daigo, Dark Night of the Soul, Direct Mental Interaction With Living Systems, Dissonance, Déjà vu, ESP, Ecstasy, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enhanced Creativity, Enhanced Intellectual Function, Enhanced Psychological Function, Enlightenment, Epiphany, Existential Terrors, Expansion of Meaning, Experience of Admixture, Feeling of Immortality, Flooding, Forgiveness of Sins, Gifts of the Spirit, Glimpse, Gnosis, Happiness, Healing, Improved Relationships, Insight, Intramonadic Communication, Kensho, Language, Liberation, Love, MEPF, Mahabbah, Meanification, Moksha, Moral Quickening, Morality, Mushi-dokugo, Noesis, Oceanic Feeling, Past Life Memories, Perfect Contemplation, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Piercing The Veil, Positive Affect, Power over the Material World, Psychotic Mysticism, Pure Consciousness Event, Quantum Change, Rapture, Realization of Immortality, Realization of Self, Recollection, Religious Ecstasy, Revelation, Ritambharapragya, Shogo, Spiritual Emergence, Spiritual Emergency, Spiritual Marriage, Spontaneous Alignment, Telepathy, Teleportation, The Ability of Curse and Favour, The Family of Spirit, The Unity, Tolerance, Transcendence, Transformation, Transsubjectivity, Triumph of Spirit, Turn to the Left, Union, Union with God, Union with Reality, Unity, Walking on Air, Warmth


A glimpse is not necessarily a weak connection. It is possible to experience cosmic visions even in very brief glimpses.

Glimpses are neither ideal, necessary, nor normal parts of the awakening process. Rather, a glimpse occurs when a severe blockage is temporarily overcome. The experience of glimpses belies the presence of Awareness Reduction Mechanisms and other bodily pathologies.

Gradual awakening occurring throughout childhood and early adolescence is the healthy and expected method of connection. However, gradual awakening occurs only under a non-toxic and nurturing socialization process. Because our current socialization process is highly toxic, individual awakening is usually accomplished, especially in the early stages, via repeated glimpses, i.e. repeated brief connections.

Glimpses are common, and people who have them are often so moved/transformed that they often go on to further exploration. Thus is the case, for example of R.M. Bucke who, after recovering what, by his own accounts, was a highly toxic adolescence (and perhaps childhood as well), had a powerful glimpse. See his [Discussion Page on this SpiritWiki for the account.