Creation Template

A Creation Template is a collection of archetypes used to deliberately influence and control how people think about and act in the world, and how they think about and act towards themselves. Creation templates are created and recreated by individuals or groups. Once developed, the archetypes of a creation template are inserted into the individual and collective consciousness by Agents of Consciousness in a process of indoctrination.

Syncretic Terms

Creation Template > Master Story

Related Terms

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Creation Template > Masonic Creation Template, Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System


There are two types of creation templates, Old Energy Creation Templates and New Energy Creation Templates.

An Old Energy Creation Template emphasizes hierarchy, privilege, submission, judgment, and punishment.

A New Energy Creation Template emphasizes unity, equality, prosperity for all, emancipation, personal power, forgiveness, and responsibility.

Ellens[1] uses the term Master Story to refer to the extant and dominant creation template.

Creation templates are designed with a creative goal in mind. To understand the creative goals of Creation Template, carefully trace the source of the ideas.

Aleister Crowley defined magick as "The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." As such, the development and implementation of a creation template (perhaps into an Archetype Deck or an album series), is the quintessential practice of that science and art.

The extant and dominant global creation template is an Old Energy Creation Template. The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) represents an attempt to build a New Energy Creation Template to replace the elitist old energy creation template.

The creation of a creation template often involves the intentional subjugation of "marginal" knowledges that complete with the intent and direction of said CT. See Subjugated Knowledge.

Creation Template: Paul Foster Case intimates the Freemasons' Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a Creation Template. Notice how archetypes support the "creative world" which in turn support "formative" (see Form)) world and finally the material world. "The wheel is the symbol of the whole cycle of cosmic expression, and also the emblem of any particular series of events. Its center, or pivot, is the archetypal world; the inner circle is the creative; the middle circle the formative; the outer circle the material world."[2]


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