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Comment on "there are two types of creation templates".

Creation templates don't necessarily need to be part of old world or new world. They can also be neutral, or simply different. Creation templates are merely a set of ideas. It is the underlying intent/purpose that classifies them as "old world" or "new world", as already addressed in the main text:

"Creation templates are designed with a creative goal in mind."

Old world archetypes have the express purpose (intent) of enslavement. The new world archetypes have as express purpose (intent) the emancipation of our race, liberty from the chains that bind and ultimately ascension. Thus, there are as many "types" of creation templates, as there are purposes/intents. A lot more than 2 could be thought of; you could edit it to: "there are two types of creation templates active at the moment." or something of the sort.

Archetypes and their Constellations

I believe that archetypes acquire their potency from the constellation they are in and wouldn't be even remotely as powerful as they are, if they were not embedded in an archetypal fabric.

It is this archetypal fabric that grants them true power. Like in a mozaic, noone will gather any significant conclusions by analyzing a single stone of a mozaic. Analyzing a single stone would seem, in most contexts, rather harmless, even if the entirety of the mozaic in truth depicts something horrible.--Aim (talk) 15:03, 4 July 2019 (UTC)