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An Agent of Consciousness is an Agent of Socialization whose specific purpose is to create compliant and easy to manipulate workers by undermining Healing and Connection. Agents of Consciousness do this sowing archetypal Wrong Thought into the individual and Collective Consciousness of this planet. Agents of Consciousness help implant/propagate specific Creation Templates. Agents of consciousness include parents, teachers, movie producers, directors, actors, editors, and all agents whose job it is to help, either directly or indirectly, propagate the archetypes of a creation template.

System Agent Types

System Agents > Agent of Consciousness, Agents of Socialization, Corporate Cultural Creative, System Architect, System Enforcer

Agent of Consciousness Examples

Agent of Consciousness > George Lucas

Related LP Terms

Agent of Consciousness > Creation Template, Old Energy Archetype, Right Thought, Symbol Factory, Wrong Thought

Non-LP Related Terms

Agent of Consciousness >


Agents of Consciousness may be either witting or unwitting servants of The System. For example, parents who take their kids to Church for indoctrination do not because they understand this to be an action that helps propagate Old Energy Archetypes, but because they believe that doing so will help their children. Parents are, usually, unwitting Agents of Consciousness.

Similarly, George Lucas is an unwitting System Agent. Believing he was working with the truth, he took religious ideas (read ideology) present for thousands of years, filtered them through the framework provided by the right-wing racist and anti-semite Joseph Campbell,[1] and presented them to the world in a razzle-dazzle format designed and aimed specifically at children.When he did this he did not believe he was helping the elites seed their Old Energy Archetypes. He believed he was doing good. [2]

"The force is an amalgam

The phrase Agents of Consciousness may refer to individuals or the institutions they work for. Institutional agents of consciousness include Hollywood, the media, the school system, religious organizations, and the families we grow up in. Individual agents include the writers, directors, advertising agents, school teachers, parents, news reporters, university professors, and others who work in the institutions.

Agents of Consciousness may insert Old Energy Archetypes or New Energy Archetypes

Agents of Consciousness may be more or less aware of the nature and purpose of the work they do.


Aa Yoga writer who writes spiritual drivel like these heart chakra mantras] ("Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung"?!?!?) is probably an unwitting system agent, though in this case there is the possibility that the individuals responsible know they are obfuscating spirituality.

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