Point of Separation

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A Point of Separation (abbrev. POS) is an demarcation line that marks a significant divergence in Experience. For example, if two identical babies are separated at birth and raised in different culture, the point of their separation marks a significant divergence in their experience.

Significant separation leads to diverging experience. Since Identity is rooted in Experience, separation leads to diverging identity. Human Cultures (more specifically cultural difference) have as emerged as a result of the emotional, psychological, and physical separation caused by geographic displacement.

As outlined in The Book of Light Volume Two, the original Point of Separation )(The Point of Separation) occurred at the creative watershed where Spirit, in order to solve the problem of Daath, entered into The Water of Creation.

It should be noted that separation is neither necessary, permanent, desirable, undesirable, or permanent. Separation simply is a possibility when working with physical creation. In some cases separation can be useful, and in others it can be destructive. The consequences of separation (and/or re-unification) should be considered carefully. For example, it is unwise to separate children from their parents until they are mature enough to be able to cope with our toxic social systems. On the other hand, it may be wise to separate engineers from psychologists in order to enhance the efficiency of their work, but too much separation may lead to psychologically vacuous engineering builds.

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