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An experience may be defined simply as the awareness of a "thing" in consciousness. The "thing" that consciousness becomes aware of may be anything that is notable to consciousness itself, such as pleasure or pain in the body, awareness of the emotions of others, or even psychological experiences like boredom or bliss. Anything that consciousness becomes aware of is an "experience" of consciousness.

Experiences may be more or less significant to the functioning of consciousness. Minor experiences are experiences that provide relief from the eternal problem of ennui. Major experiences are experiences that lead to significant, and typically permanent, changes in the nature and even function of consciousness. Because major experiences typically initiate permanent changes and shifts in consciousness we may call big experiences "initiatory" experiences, "initiatory" events, or simply initiations.

As noted in The Book of Light Volume Two the very first initiation experience occurred as the experience of boredom undermined the borderline bliss of the Fabric of Consciousness. The experience of boredom caused, like a mote of dirt causes a pearl to form, a congealing of awareness (i.e. Intensification of Consciousness). The first intensification of consciousness was the original birth of "I" (or god with a little "g").

For a more complete analysis of experience and initiation, and their importance to development of consciousness and the Unfolding of Creation, see The Book of Light Volume Two.

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