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At the highest level of abstraction, Identity is our personal sense of "what-ness," and "who-ness," and purpose. What am I? I am Human. Who am I? I Am Michael. What is my purpose? I am a teacher

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Both your Spiritual Ego and your Bodily Ego have a sense of identity.

Identity isn’t something that is magically given to you by God or merely passed on in the genetic memory of your physical body. You’re identity, who you believe yourself to be, is determined entirely by your experiences and this applies from the very highest levels of identity (i.e. I am God) to the very lowest of “me-ness” (i.e. I am a musician, I am a parent, I am an author). To be a parent, you must have the experience of being a parent. To be God, you must experience yourself as God.

Identity begins to form when a monad is Instantiated. As noted in the Book of Light, a monad is born when The Fabric of Consciousness intensifies to the point of Self Awareness. At that point, a new ego is born. The new ego starts with The Basics (i.e. love, compassion, awareness, sense of bliss, sense of power) but over time choices it makes lead to experience which forms and shapes its identity.

Because identity is determined entirely by experience, the quality and quantity of experience is critical. To develop into a healthy, loving, compassionate, aware, and empowered monad, positive and empowering experiences are needed. This is true whether the monad exists solely in consciousness, or whether the monad has entered into The Water (Second Birth) or taken a physical body (i.e. Third Birth)