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Merriam Webster dictionary defines an element as "one of the factors determining the outcome of a process". In the context of a discussion of Cosmology and Creation, an Element (i.e. an Element of Creation is any Aspect of Consciousness that directly impacts the Process of Creation.

As noted in the Book of Light Volume Two, at the Point of Entry there are four elements of creation that impact the process of creation. These four elements are one's Creative Position vis a vis the object of creation, the Creative Ideas that one has about creation, any Creative Relationships one is involved in related to the process of creation, and any Creative Expectations on has regards whatever it is one is creating.

The Potter's Metaphor can be used to understand the various creative elements and how they shape creation. When you imagine a potter sitting at the wheel, the potter's creative position is face down in front of the clay. The potter may have a creative idea about how the pot on the wheel should shape up and if so, this idea will guide the potter's hand movement. If the potter has an assistant, then there is a creative relationship that, hopefully, facilitates the potter's process. Finally, the potter's creative expectations (i.e. that the assistant provide efficient help, that the final product is professional and perfect) impact, in large measure, the process of creation.

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