Water of Creation

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The Water of Creation (The Water) is a phrase used to refer to the Energy of Creation.


In this physical universe, the Water is the energy that appears when this universe first "bangs" into existence.

As noted in the Book of Light, the Water exists in the mind of I (i.e. in the mind of God).

The Water is formed by an act of divine imagining during the First Unfolding as an initial solution to the Problem of Ennui.

Note that The Water is merely Consciousness with Awareness stripped away by an act of Intent (BOLVI). With awareness stripped away, Consciousness becomes passive and inert (BOLVIII)), and therefore malleable and useful as a material of creation.

During the Third Unfolding, Spirit "enters into" the Water, thereby initiating Physical Creation. Once Spirit "enters in", Creation is built up from the initial vibratory explosion of Consciousness (i.e. the Big Bang (ref. BOLVIII)

Syncretic Terms

Water of Creation | The Water | Energy of Creation | Plasticine of Paradise

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