Fundamental View of Creation

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A Fundamental View of Creation is a metaperspective on creation that comes into effect following the The Watershed, and during the [Third Creation]] (ref. BOLVII).

There are three Fundamental Views of Creation, the First Fundamental View (1FV), the Second Fundamental View (2FV), and the Third Fundamental View (3FV. The 1FV is the view of all monads who stay outside The Waters of Creation. The 2FV is the view of all monads who work from within The Water. The 3FV is the view of all monads who work within The Waters, within a Physical Unit.

There is an intimation of the Fundamental Views in Christian Trinity, where Father is equivalent to the First Fundamental View, the Holy Ghost is equivalent to the Second Fundamental View, and the Son is equivalent to the Third Fundamental View. For details see BOLVII.

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