Little Self

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Little Self (or self with a small "s") is a term used by Michael S. to describe your Bodily Ego, or the part of you that emerges as the synapses of your brain and central nervous system respond to the quantum embrace of your own Consciousness (a.k.a. Highest Self)

Syncretic Terms

Bodily Ego > Acquired Self, Antahkarana, Apparent Ego, Awkward Self, Earthly Self, Elusive Self, Empirical Self, False Personality, Illusory Self, King of the Body, Little Self, Not Self, Outer Self, Personality, Self, Sensual Ego, Subtle Body, Talking Self


Little self cannot exist without at least minimal contact from the Consciousness of its own Highest Self

Little self is a survival structure of the human brain. It gains dominance in the psyche of the individual (i.e. it subverts Connection) when the Physical Unit perceives a real or imagined threat.