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Great Enlightenment or final, absolute enlightenment. Constrast with the glimpses of shogo and kensho

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Zen Buddhism > Ansho no zen, Ashi, Daigo, Dharma, Japam, Kensho, Mushi-dokugo, Original Face, Satori, Shogo, Shukkejin, Sufism, Yako Zen, Zaikejin, Zanmai, Zazen

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'Daigo-tettei (大悟徹底 daigo-tettei) is a Japanese term used within Zen Buddhism, which usually denotes a "great realization or enlightenment."[1] Moreover, "traditionally, daigo is final, absolute enlightenment, contrasted to experiences of glimpsing enlightenment, shōgo"[1] or kenshō'[1].