Clarification of Consciousness

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The Clarification of Consciousness is the term used by Oscar Ichazo to refer to the achievement of greater clarity. To "clarify your consciousness" is to "recognize reality as it is." [1] Clarification of consciousness is the result of the Enhanced Intellectual Function that arises as a consequence of Connection.

Examples of

Enhanced Intellectual Function > Breakthrough, Clarification of Consciousness, Clarity, Daigo, Dissonance, Enlightenment, Epiphany, Glimpse, Gnosis, Improved Relationships, Infran, Insight, Jadhb, Moksha, Mukti, Revelation, Satori, Spiritual Emergence

List of Connection Outcomes

Connection Outcome > Connection Pathology, Déjà vu, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enlightenment, Existential Terrors, Healing, Liberation, Perfect Connection, Perfected Connection, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Psychotic Mysticism, Realization of Self, Ritambharapragya, Spontaneous Alignment, The Unity, Transformation, Union



  1. Lydon, Susan. “Making a Mystical School.” In Interviews with Oscar Ichazo, 90–103. New York: Arica Institute Press, 1982. p. 92