Communication Error

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A Communication Error is an error the presentation of an idea garnered from the Message Stream. Communication errors typically arise as a consequence of the Psychic Damage that occurs when satisfaction of one or more of the Seven Essential Needs is thwarted as a result of Toxic Socialization. The presence of a communication error invalidates a specific message, and possibly the entire Message Stream.

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Communication errors typically arise as a result of an individual's attempts to self-satisfy, self sooth, and Heal. Communications errors occurs as communications are bent in attempts to satisfy unmet needs and heal damaged psychic structures. A classic example is the attention seeking behavior that develops when children are not given enough love and attention by their parents, perhaps because they come from large families, or perhaps because their parents are too busy and/or neglectful. In these situations individual begin to communicate (and act) for the purpose of securing the attention of others. When this occurs interactions and communication becomes less about truth and life purpose and more about meeting needs and healing damage.

Types of Communication Error

Communication errors can be categorized by their psychopathological root (note, ground these in all possible needs).

  • Fractured attachments
  • Diminished Self Esteem
  • Conditional Love