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Darkness is a term used to describe disconnection and the consequent limitation of Consciousness (i.e. Light) in the Physical Unit. Darkness may also be used to refer a state of creation and condition of matter devoid of animate life.

Syncretic Terms

The Blindfold > Darkness, The Veil


The term may refer to the state of the Physical Unit as it exists in a dark and disconnected state, or it may refer to the state of the world as it exists while we all stumble blindly in darkness (i.e. disconnection) without the benefit of the "light of Consciousness" to help us see. We may say "I am in darkness" and/or we may say "our family/this nation/the world" is in darkness.

When one is moving in darkness, one is moving in a condition of low CQ.

Note: the term Darkness DOES NOT refer to any notion of evil, except insofar as evil is understood to be what inevitably and unnecessarily happens while we stumble around in darkness. The term Darkness simply refers to a state of existence characterized by low levels of Consciousness (i.e. low CQ) in body. The association with "evil" arises because states of low consciousness inevitably lead to difficulty and damage. This is because the physical unit, being unable to see clearly while in darkness (i.e. disconnected), is unable to make clear, aligned, and correct decisions. Poor decisions and practices lead inevitably to damage, decline, and even pathology, hatred, and violence. Damage accrues and eventually, behavior may become so filled with hatred, self loathing, and shame that the traditional concept of "evil" may be applied. It is important to always remember that what most understand as "evil" is simply the inevitable outcome of a person (and a people) stumbling in darkness for too long.

Darkness (i.e. disconnection) may be contrasted with Light (i.e. connection).