Conscious Channeling

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Consciousness Channeling occurs when a fully conscious Connection is made to the Fabric of Consciousness, i.e. when the Bodily Ego is fully aware of information flow.

Types of Intramonadic Communication

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Conscious channeling is not recommended when the Bodily Ego is seriously damaged. Up until only recently,

Trance Channeling is recommended. Because of the horrid spiritual and psychological conditions on this planet, even as recent as ten years ago, channeling (when it has been necessary) has been accomplished through Trance Channels. However, as conditions continue to improve, Trance Channeling will no longer be necessary and will be replaced by the more sophisticated and (potentially) more accurate and powerful conscious channel

It should be noted that conscious channeling is, in and of itself, no guarantee of accurate information retrieval. As with all forms of communication, the individual should apply critical sensibilities to the reception, interpretation, and retransmission (i.e., sharing) of retrieved messages.

It should also be noted that channeling is merely a step towards full spiritual awakening with full time (but appropriately controlled) connections with the [[Fabric of Consciousness|fabric of consciousness]. All individuals serious about the expansion of consciousness into the body (i.e., spiritual awakening) must learn to communicate effectively and accurately with the fabric of consciousness.