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Trance channeling is a form of channeling where the Bodily Ego of a particular Physical Unit "moves out of the way" in order to allow a Spiritual Ego (i.e. another Monadic Consciousness), temporary access to all, or a part of, the Physical Unit. When a trance channel is open, the individual (i.e. the Bodily Ego) is unaware of the communications which pass through its Physical Unot. [[Trance Channeling may be contrasted with Conscious Channeling and Promiscuous Channeling. Trance channeling is an example of Constricted Connection

Types of Intramonadic Communication

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Types of Constructed Connection

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The single advantage of trance channelling is that of a "pure" channel. With the resident ego "out of the way," a message can be conveyed without the interference or bias of the individual ego. This is useful in cases where the Bodily Ego is damaged, spiritually unsophisticated, mentally unbalanced, or is otherwise "unfit" to receive and adequately transmit a "message" from The Fabric.

The disadvantage of trance channelling is the lack of translation. With a trance channel, messages will come through within the cognitive structures, metaphorical representations, and linguistic patterning of the Guest Consciousness. These structures and patterning may appear quite foreign to the those receiving the messages, making misinterpretation and bias a problem.

As the consciousness of this planet continues to rise, the practice of Trance Channeling will no longer be a necessary or even desirable method of communicating with the "other side" and should be allowed to pass away as a historical curiosity of a veiled planetary consciousness.

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