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Guide Communication is communication between the Bodily Ego and one or more Spiritual Egos percieved to related and/or providing assistance. Guide Communication is a form of Intramonadic Communication caused by Constricted Connection.

Syncretic Terms

Guide Communication >

Related LP Terms

Guide Communication > Dream Experience, Guide, Guide Network

Non-LP Related Terms

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Types of Intramonadic Communication

Intramonadic Communication > Assisted Intramonadic Communication, Automatic Writing, Channeling, Conscious Channeling, Guide Communication, Promiscuous Channeling, Receptive Seeking, Trance Channeling


Dossey provides examples of Joan of Arc and Socrates as examples of folks who have relied on guide communication

Some individuals describe what in today’s terminology might be called personal assistants or coaches that guide one’s decisions invisibly, from behind the curtains of consciousness, helping the individual to overcome the everyday strictures imposed by the brain-filter. Socrates was guided throughout his life by a daimon, an intelligent inner voice, in matters large and small. “What makes Socrates so extraordinary is that he seems to have perfectly fused his conscious critical intellect with his subliminal daimon,” says Grosso. “In the vast majority of human beings, the two are almost always thoroughly disjointed and disconnected, often at great emotional and spiritual cost.” [1]

Dossey notes that many people report "hearing voices." He erroneously takes that as the widespread experience of Guide Communication.

In a survey in the 1980s of 375 college students focusing on auditory hallucinations, 71% reported they had experienced vocal hallucinations in waking life. Thirty percent reported auditory hallucinations as they were drifting off to sleep, and 14% reported vocal hallucinations as they were waking up. Almost 40% had heard their name called while outdoors. Eleven percent heard their name being called from the back seat of their car, while a similar percentage said they had heard God speak “as a real voice.” [2]

It might be, but without further investigation, some could be mere hallucination.

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