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A Affirmation of Connection is verbal statement that reinforces a psychological and emotional desire (i.e. Intent) for Connection, and that initiates a connection process.[1]

List of LP Affirmations

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Non-LP Related Terms

Affirmation of Connection>



Examples include one or more of the following (i.e., feel free to customize).

   I wish to connect to my Highest Self.
   I wish to wake up. I wish to gain enlightenment. I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel.
   I wish to move forward. I wish to awaken. I wish to activate. I wish to ascend. 
   I wish access to only that information that is for the highest good of all living beings.
  I wish to receive the guidance, information, and assistance on healing and connection that I need right now. I wish this information to be safe and effective and to help uplift not only myself, but all of physical creation.[2]

Note that some intent should always be given so that one accesses only information that is for the highest good of all living beings. There's still a lot of crapola out there.

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