Three Rs of Alignment

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The Three Rs of Alignment are aspects of thinking, environment, and action/practice that must be established if one is to achieve Alignment and, consequently, Connection. The Three Rs are Right Thought, Right Action, Right Environment. The Three Rs of Alignment is an Alignment Rule Set.

The Three Rs of Alignment

Three Rs of Alignment > Right Action, Right Environment, Right Thought

LP Related Terms

Alignment > Alignment Rule Set, Authentic Spirituality, Automobile Metaphor, Chakra Alignment, Chakra Health, Connection Outcome, Connection Pathology, Connection Supplement, Disjuncture, Emotional Semaphore, Enhanced Morality, Essential Needs Rule Set, LP Connection Framework, Misalignment, No-Violence Rule, Perfection, Right Action, Right Environment, Right Thought, Spheres of Alignment, The Work, Zenith Experience

Non-LP Related Terms

Alignment > Dharma, Mahabbah, Plateau Experience, Shefa, Temptation, Unwanted Self


Right thought is essentially thought that encourages you to meet all your Seven Essential Needs.


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