Stream of Consciousness

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The Stream of Consciousness is a term used to describe the random and/or directed flow of images, ideas, sounds, and silences that pass, like water flowing down a river, through your awareness.

Syncretic Terms

The Flow > Stream of Consciousness

Related Terms

The Flow > Archetypes, Divine Flow, Flow Control, Flow Purification, Message Stream


The Stream of Consciousness, or just "The Stream" for short, has multiple sources.

The Stream of Consciousness is impacted by the Internal State (i.e. mental state, physical state, emotional state) of the Physical Unit and the External Environment (present and past) within which the physical unit grows, matures, and moves.

The Internal State of the Physical Universe is determined by:

  • Bodily Factors: Nutrition, fatigue, physical health.
  • Mental Factors: Childhood programming; archetypes; mental pathology rising from Toxic Socialization