Monadic Intensification

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A Monadic Intensification is an Intensification of Consciousness to the point of Self Awareness. Your Spiritual Ego is a monadic intensification.

LP Syncretic Terms

Monad > Bright Light, Monadic Intensification

Related LP Terms

Monadic Intensification > Bright Light, Declaration of Self, Differentiated Consciousness, First Birth, Flame of Monadic Self Awareness, Instantiation of Self Awareness, Spiritual Ego

Non-LP Related Terms

Monadic Intensification > Highest Self


"A God" is not the universal deity, but only a spark from the one ocean of Divine Fire. Our God within us, or "our Father in Secret" is what we call the "HIGHER SELF," Atma. Our incarnating Ego was a God in its origin, as were all the primeval emanations of the One Unknown Principle."[1]

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  1. Blavatsky, H. P. The Key to Theosophy: A Clear Exposition Based on the Wisdom Religion of All Ages. Theosophical University Press, 1889.