Structure of Consciousness

The Structure of Consciousness is the interrelation of egoic elements that make up the complex entity that is Consciousness.


The LP conceives of the Structure of Consciousness as a Tree of Consciousness. Other conceptions (to be added) are possible.

"Bön shamans, like the pau themselves, speak of two souls or soul parts, the la and the saug or tshé.12 As the full name of the “soul calling” ritual indicates, la kuk tshé kuk, the two souls are interrelated and figure in the healing. Saug means life and is also the “breath soul.” It is inseparable from the body. It flows in the breath, has its seat in the heart, but penetrates throughout the body. It is the life-force spirit within us that opposes death and, after death, seeks rebirth. When it is weakened, our resistance to death is weakened, and consequently, our life is shortened (Nebesky-Wojkowitz 1993, 493; Baumer 2002, 49–50; Stein 1972, 232; Tucci 1988, 192–193). Here too the weakness of the soul is the result of a loss of nu shug, which supplies vital energy to the saug."[1]


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