Intrinsic Consciousness

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The Intrinsic Conscience is a term used by Abraham Maslow to refer to the Spiritual Ego, specifically when it is temporarily connected to the Bodily Ego and acting as an "internal" guide.

Maslow's Terms

Eupsychia, Eupsychian Theory, Hierarchy of Basic Needs, Hierarchy of Cognitive Needs, Intrinsic Consciousness, Plateau Experience

Syncretic Terms

Spiritual Ego > Ajayu, Angel, Atman, Augoeides, Blazing Star, Brahman, Bright Light, Buddha Nature, Deep Self, Divine Ego, Father in Heaven, Genuine Self, God Self, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Higher Genius, Higher Self, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Immortal Spirit, Inner Radar, Inner Self, Inner-Self, Intensification of Consciousness, Intrinsic Consciousness, Kra, La, Monad, Monadic Consciousness, Monadic Intensification, Neshamah, Ohr, Original Face, Paramatman, Real Ego, Real Self, Sakshi Chaitanya, Saug, Self, Soul, Spirit, Super Ego, Supreme Self, The Knower, The Witness, Transcendental Self, True Self, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Deity... further results

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Intrinsic Consciousness >


The “intrinsic conscience” is "based upon the un­conscious and preconscious perception of our own nature, of our own destiny, or our own capacities, of our own 'call' in life. It insists that we be true to our inner nature and that we do not deny it out of weakness or for advantage or for any other reason."[1]


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