Destruction of Attachments

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The Destruction of Attachments is a component of a Toxic Socialization are emotional bonds that connect individuals to each other. Attachments may be categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary Attachments are attachments to parents and siblings. Secondary Attachments are attachments to friends. Tertiary Attachments are attachments to your job and the community at work. [1]

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Elements of Toxic Socialization

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The breaking of family attachments was a central "feature" of residential schools in Canada

The residential schools also broke family bonds. Daniel Nanooch remembers being separated from his siblings:

“So even though I was there with my sister and I only seen her about four times in that year and we’re in the same building in the same mission. They had a fence in the playground. Nobody was allowed near the fence. The boys played on this side, the girls played on the other side. Nobody was allowed to go to that fence there and talk to the girls through the fence or whatever, you can’t.”[2]

Attachments can be classified into Active Atachments, Broken Attachments, and Inactive Attachments Destruction of attachments is a component of Toxic Socialization


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