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The concept of Hell may be used as a metaphor to describe the a) excruciating pain and suffering that often attends Disconnection, the actual state of Disjuncture that causes and is caused by disconnection, and a short term Nadir Experience.

Syncretic Terms Disconnection

Disconnection > Alienation, Hell, Purgatory, Relative Existence, Sheol, Single Vision

Disjuncture > Adultry, Anrta, Drug, Druh, Hell, Infidelity, Separation, Sin, The Hellish Marriage

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Hellis caused by low levels of Consciousness in body (i.e. low CQ). Low CQ is caused primarily by a Toxic Socialization which disconnects the Physical Unit from its Resident Monadic Self.

In addition to toxic socialization, Old Energy Archetypes and [[Old Energy Ideology], toxins in the environment, poisons in the food supply, and vibrational spaces saturated with the electromagnetic garbage of modern communications technology, contribute to the Disconnection.

The experience of Hell is negative in every way. At best one experiences heightened arousal, dissatisfaction, low-grade frustration, general confusion, and long term degradation of the physical unit. At worst one is thrown into an out of control toxic spiral disease and disjuncture. While in hell, damage to the physical unit accrues.

To get out of hell, accomplish healthy and pure connect

Hell as in a place of fire

First appears in Hinduism in Garuda Purana which was composed sometime in the first millennium CE, probably between 300 CE and 1000 CE.[1] ==Footnotes==

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