Creation's Equation

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Creation's Equation is a statement of the fundamental mechanic of creation. Creation's Equation os Force + Formation = Creation.

Syncretic Terms

Creation's Equation > Law of Nature

Related Terms

Creation's Equation> Force, Formation


Creation's Equation: Force + Formation = Creation

In Eastern spirituality, force is equated with yang and formation is equated with yin. In ancient Egyptian traditions, Osiris/Force, Isis/Formation. See Papus's description of the Empress tarot archetype. "The absolute creative force, or Osiris, and the absolute preservative force, or Isis, neutralize themselves in the equilibrist force, which contains in itself the two very different properties of the two first forms."[1]

The equation can also be stated Intent + Expectation = Creation or Yang + Yin = Creation or Will + Understanding = Creation

Sociological Edward Carpenter provides a discussion of this process of creation in his essay "The Art of Creation" in the book of the same name, although he does not name things as such:

Or we wish to build ourselves a house of our own. For a long time, this may only be a kind of cloudy pious aspiration. But at last and almost inevitably, the dream of the house takes shape within our minds. We get so far as to make a pencil sketch of what we want. We go and prospect a site. We consult an architect, and presently there emerges a much more definite and detailed plan than before. Then steps are actually taken towards building. Heaps of bricks and stone and other materials begin to appear on the scene; and at last there is the house standing, which once only existed in the dream-world of our minds. Always the movement is outwards, from the indefinite vague Feeling or desire to the definite clearly formed Thought, and thence to Action and the External world.[2]

Creation's equation represents a fundamental principle of "magic" (or, if you are a pretentious egoist, "magick").

Formative expectation diffused throughout The Fabric of Consciousness at all levels is a critical component of manifestation and creation. (RSGDISC)

We should note that human expectation/human will/formation (and the way we apply force for that matter) may be manipulated in the Mass Consciousness via the implantation of archetypes (RSGDISC).


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