Consciousness is the root of all things

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Consciousness is the root of all things is a phrase coined by Michael in volume one of The Book of Light. The phrase refers to the idea that you, me, everything you see (i.e. Physical Creation) and everything you can't see emerges, emanates or unfolds from a single root and seed.


Although details of the unfolding vary wildly from religion to religion, the phrase represents thinking that is reflective of the core truth in many traditions. That is, the idea that Consciousness is the root of all things is a common idea found in all world religious traditions. For example, if we substitute the word God for Consciousness we find God proclaiming "I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning without end" (i.e. God is all things). We also find the idea in Judaism where creation is characterized as emerging from a divine source (Ain Soph) and then emanating down the Tree of Life from Kether to Crown. [1]

Further Reading

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  1. In Kabbalah, emanation from source is described in the Sepher Yetzirah and visually represented in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life