Connection Obstacle

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A Connection Obstacle is anything that interfers with, corrupts, and diminishes The Flow that occurs during connection.

List of Connection Obstacles

Connection Obstacles > Egotism, Fear, Hypocrisy, Interference, Passion, Resentment, Three Poisons, Toxic Attachment, Undisciplined Mind, Wrong Action, Wrong Environment, Wrong Thought

Syncretic Terms

Connection Obstacle >


Obstacles to connection include[1]

  1. Unsafe/Unsuitable Environments
  2. The presence of toxic "vibrations"
  3. Improper preparation
  4. A damaged Bodily Ego
  5. A mind filled with Ideology and Old Energy Archetypes (a.k.a. Wrong Thought)

Connection obstacles contribute to Connection Pathology.

In Buddhism, the White Lotus symbolizes a mind (physical unit) free of the various "poisons" that undermine connection.


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