Aligned Action

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Aligned Action (a.k.a. right action) is term syncretic with the LP term, Right Action. Right action is action is aligned with Highest Self and that supports Connection.

Syncretic Terms

Right Action > Achara, Aligned Action, Ashramas, Dharma, Purushaarthas, Rtavan, Shariah


Right action leads towards alignment, the reduction of disjuncture, and the expansion of Consciousness into the physical unit. Right action is a necessary precursor to the alignment and subsequent awakening of the physical unit.

Right action is action aligned with Highest Self. This includes

asteya अस्तेय - non-stealing,
brahmacarya ब्रह्मचार्य - appropriate use of vital energies
aparigraha अपरिग्रह - non-possessiveness
sauca शौचा - purity, cleanliness
IsvarapranidhAna इस्वरप्रनिधन - devotion, alignment with "higher force" (i.e. Self)
"Right Conduct" (The Qur’an 2:44, Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

The Christian Ten Commandments can be seen as a statement of right action. Do not steal, do not kill (harm), do not covet (be possessive), etc.

Right action can be determined theoretically, i.e. by considering the nature of Consciousness as a loving, compassionate, connected, responsible, blissful and powerful expression of divinity, or it can be determined intuitively, by responding to triggering emotions. As regards the theoretical determination of right action, right action is action that allows for the full aligned expression of the love, compassion, and bliss of Consciousness through the physical unit.

Right action is one of a trinity of considerations (the others being Right Environment and Right Thought)) that provide conditions that which support proper development and, ultimately, Connection of the physical unit.

Right Thought and Right Action are particularly important when it comes to the process of aligning the physical unit with its resident monadic consciousness or animating spark." 

Because of the uncompromising nature of higher consciousness, awakening of the physical unit does not occur in a physical unit that is out of alignment.