Authentic Spirituality

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Authentic Spirituality is spirituality that encourages, supports, and facilitates Healing, Connection, and Integration. You can recognize an Authentic Spirituality by the presence of all seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality

Syncretic Terms

Authentic Spirituality > Cosmic Religion, Identity Consistent Spirituality, Mysticism, Perennial Philosophy, Positive Religion, Progressive Spirituality, Pure Religion, Right Path, The Path, The Way, True Path


Stanislav Grof says

Authentic spiritual systems are based on ... systematic exploration of the psyche using well-defined mind-altering technologies. They are results of a process that in many ways resembles the scientific method.[1]

Authentic spirituality makes a difference, not within the extended time frames of Old World Spirituality(i.e. years, decades, and lifetimes), but within short, workable, and verifiable time frames of days, weeks, and months. In other words, techniques and principles provided by an authentic spirituality will have immediate and discernible positive impact.

The Lightning Path strives to provide an authentic spiritual path.

Further Reading

Sharp, Michael (GA). The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice.

Sosteric, Mike. (RSGAS). The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Authentic Spirituality. St. Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press. [1]

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