Old Energy Creation Template

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An Old Energy Creation Template is a Creation Template based on Old Energy Archetypes.

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List of Old Energy Archetypal Constellations

The old energy creation template contains the following Old Energy Archetypal Constellations.

Binary Gender, Chosen One, Compliance and Submission, Excuse and Justification, Fool in School, Good versus Evil, Isolated Individuality, Judge and Punish/Reward, Only the Chosen, Secrets


The Old Energy Creation Template is a template designed to facilitate compliance, the use of authority, and (when necessary) violence against an "enemy" defined as evil. See for example the article "Star Wars is a Religion that Primes us all for War."[1]

The Rider-Waite Tarot is an old energy Archetype Deck that implements an old energy creation template.

The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System, along with the Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, is a New Energy Creation Template.


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