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Guilt is a Steering Emotion. Guilt serves as an important "out of alignment" warning signal. This signal is typically triggered in an effort to convey to a Physical Unit that its thoughts and actions are moving in a direction opposite of Alignment and Connection.

List of Steering Emotions

Steering Emotions > Guilt, Shame regret[1]

Related LP Terms

Guilt >

Related Terms

Guilt >


When a no more than moderately damaged physical unit is behaving in a way that is out of alignment with the animating Monadic Consciousness, then the physical unit may experience guilt as a result. The guilt is caused by the action of the RMC as it "caresses" the body's emotional systems. The more out of alignment the behavior is, the more intense the guilt will be. The experience of guilt can range anywhere from mild discomfort and guilt to intense physical pain, and nausea.

It is important to note that a severally damaged physical unit may be unable to experience guilt, even when exhibiting holocaust like misalignment.

The physical unit has two options when it comes to alleviating the guilt that occurs under conditions of disjuncture, either straighten up and fly right (i.e. get into alignment with the animating consciousness), or suppress emotional responses by engaging in Awareness Reduction.


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