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Force (a.k.a. yang energy) is the positive, driving, empowering, willful, and activating Aspect of Consciousness. The complement of Force is Formation.

Syncretic Terms

Force > Imagination, Mana, Miwi, Nu Shug, Orenda, Perspective, Prana, Wakan, Will, Yang, Zaki

Related LP Terms

Force> Creation Practice, Creation's Equation, Creations Equation, Divine Flow, Formation, Toxic Intent

Non-LP Related terms

Force> Focus, Intent, Magic, The Ability of Curse and Favour, Visualization, Will-Prayer


In Consciousness, force is expressed via Will and Intent.

Raw force cannot do anything. If you randomly start cutting wood without a clear idea in your mind, no house would ever gets built. Therefore it is clear, force must be combined with Formation in order for things to get done and creation to move forward.

Force is the prime mobile of physical creation. It is the cause of and driving engine behind the emanation of consciousness and the manifestation of Physical Creation.

Creation's Equation = Force+ Formation

In the Collective Consciousness of this planet, force (yang) has been associated with the male body form. Subsequently (and as a consequence of the imposition of the ideology of Patriarchy, ) the male body form has been glorified and empowered above others. The association and glorification has elevated and empowered Force over Formation on this planet.

The elevation of Force over Formation is a manipulated intervention in the Alchemy of Creation. While this may have alchemical utility in the short term (i.e. as a strategy to achieve Ascension (BOLIFE), in the long term the imbalanced use of Force causes the decay and disintegration of Physical Creation. In actual fact the Human Form must use both aspects of energy in order to grow, mature, develop, and stay healthy.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Atum, the primordial being, manifest creation through the "spoken word." "...the formation of a concept...and the actualization of that concept by means of a command that is inherently compelling ("Annunciation"). Because of its causal role, the intellectual principle is antecedent to the material...The creation first existed in the mind of the creator: he 'crafted the world in the design of this heart' (Text 14, 6) "foretold what was not and thought of what is' (Text, 113, 8) (Allen, 1988: 59).

Maurice Samuel notes that fascism, nazism, authoritarianism is the outcome of a society based on excessive and exclusive use of force. Samuel contrasts this use of force with Christ's teachings, [1]which are more of the egalitarian, formative side. "New in the Nazi-Fascist espousal of the force philosophy are the following: the wilfulness and self-consciousness of the espousal; the high-spirited negation of hope that it is mankind's destiny to move away from the force-foundation of human relationships; the denial that this hope is a worthy one; the enthusiastic undertaking to defeat its realization."[2]

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