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Prana (प्राण, prāṇa, lit "breath" or "breath of life") is the Sanskrit word for the motive force of Consciousness as it creates and subsequently enters into the physical world.

Syncretic Terms

Force > Imagination, Mana, Miwi, Nu Shug, Orenda, Perspective, Prana, Wakan, Will, Yang, Zaki


"Prana means force — all that is manifesting itself as movement or possible movement, force, or attraction. ... Electricity, magnetism, all the movements in the body, all [the movements] in the mind — all these are various manifestations of one thing called Prana. The best form of Prana, however, is in [the brain], manifesting itself as light [of understanding]. This light is under the guidance of thought."[1] The swami compares "mind" to Formation

Put a flat bowl of water in front of you. Wait till the water becomes perfectly still. Bend towards the water. Blow on the water. See how ripples extend from the point at which you blow? Prana is the breath that excites the still water.

As Consciousness "blows" on the Water, a subtle process of "materialization" creates the physical universe.

Through the same subtle process of materialization, prana creates the Physical Unit.


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