Disconnection refers to a disconnection of Bodily Ego from Spiritual Ego (or more generally, a disconnection of the brain from the Fabric of Consciousness. Disconnection occurs when the Bodily Ego of the Physical Unit becomes separated from its own Highest Self/Resident Monadic Consciousness, and from higher Levels of Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Disconnection > Alienation, Hell, Practical Man, Purgatory, Relative Existence, Sheol, Single Vision

Related Terms

Matrix Illusion


Underhill uses the term Practical Man to refer to a disconnected individual, in particular, a Naive Materialist who cannot see beyond .[1]

Disconnection results in the lowering of the Consciousness Quotient of the Physical Unit, attenuation of higher brain function, and a consequent reduction in moral capacity, intelligence, compassion, empathy, intuition, creativity, independence, and identity.

Disconnection is caused by:

Disconnection leads to Disjuncture and Disconnection Pathology

Hell is the loneliness, isolation, anguish, pain, and despair that is often the result of disconnection

Further Reading

Sosteric, Mike (BOOK3). Lightning Path Workbook Three: Connection. Lightning Path Press. [1]


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