Level of Consciousness

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Scheme One

Presence of a connection

Connected Consciousness

Disconnected Consciousness (low CQ connection, inattention to reality, guilt, shame, self, other directed hatred, isolation even in groups, addictions, anxieties, existential anxieties, lack of compassion,

Pathological Consciousness (almost total disconnection)

Scheme Two

By CQ (0 to 100) at any given moment. Average daily CQ

Scheme Three

Christ Consciousness / Krishna Consciousness, God Consciousness

Scheme Four

bodily ego / spiritual ego (HS). resident monadic self

Normal Consciousness

Christ / Krishna Consciousness

God Consciousness

Unadulterated Consciousness

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Syncretic Terms

The Fabric of Consciousness/God with a big "G" (a.k.a. Godhead, Ain Soph, Para Brahman, Svayam Bhagavan)

God with a little "g" (a.k.a. Supreme Being, Self)

Svayam Bhagavan / Angels

Conceptualization Four - Strength of Connection

Insight | Peak Experience | Vision | Revelation

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