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The phrase Family of Spirit is a term used to refer to those individuals who have experienced a powerful Connection Event, have been transformed by this event, and who now see themselves, more or less, as part of a great big loving cosmic Family of Spirit. The feeling that you are a member of a big cosmic family is a Connection Outcome.

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R.M. Bucke uses the phrase The Family to refer to people who have had a powerful Connection Experience and who have, as a result, become members of "a family sprung from, living among, but scarcely forming a part of ordinary humanity, whose members are spread abroad throughout the advanced races of mankind and throughout the last forty centuries of the world’s history.[1]

"A man (sic) man is identified as a member of this family by the fact that at a certain age he has passed through a new birth and risen to a higher spiritual plane. The reality of the new birth is demonstrated by the subjective light and other phenomena.[2]

It is important to note here, we are all part of the Family of Spirit. Most of us, as yet, have forgotten it and are, as a consequence of Toxic Socialization, too sick to realize it.

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