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The Prism Metaphor is used within the LP HEALING Framework to illustrate the nature and depth of the damage caused by Toxic Socialization.

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"Think of your body like a prism, the kind that breaks white light into its component colours. Think of your Consciousness as a white beam of light flowing into the prism and then out into the real world beyond. In a healthy situation, when the prism is undamaged, the beam enters the body/prism and is then refracted out into the seven beautiful colours (the ROY-G-BIV) of the visible spectrum. However, when the physical unit experiences toxicity, when the prism is cracked or even shattered by violence, neglect, and other aspects of toxic socialization, the light does not refract out in pure form. When the prism is damaged, cracked, or broken, the light that flows out is distorted, bent, and incomplete. When the damage is severe, the refracted light can be pathological, ugly, and dark. The fracturing of the light of your Spiritual Ego is the consequence of violent toxic socialization process we endure in our daily lives."[1]

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