Identity Consistent Spirituality

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Identity-Consistent Spirituality is spirituality that is consistent with one's personal or work identity. Identity-Consistent Spirituality is a term used by Ecklund and Long[1] to describe the type of spirituality they find amongst established research scientists.

Syncretic Terms

Authentic Spirituality > Cosmic Religion, Identity Consistent Spirituality, Mysticism, Perennial Philosophy, Positive Religion, Progressive Spirituality, Pure Religion, Right Path, The Path, The Way, True Path


Ecklund and Long find that twenty-six percent of scientists in their study adopt an identity-consistent spirituality. For scientists, identity consistent spirituality is a spirituality that is coherent, self-consistent, and inline with their empirical search for truth.

Identity Consistent Spirituality is a weak form of Authentic Spirituality.

Identity Consistent Spirituality as identified by Ecklund and Long shares similarities with Authentic Spirituality. An interesting research project would to determine the extent to which spiritually inclined scientists adopt one or more of the Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality, as defined on the LP

End Notes

  1. Ecklund, Elaine Howard, and Elizabeth Long. "Scientists and Spirituality." Sociology of Religion 72 3 (2011): 253-74.