The Path

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The phrase The Path may be used as a noun to refer to any system of Authentic Spirituality that provides training and guidance that leads directly towards Healing and stronger Connection or a a verb to describe an individual studying and practicing an authentic system.

Related LP Terms

The Path > Connection Framework, The Work

Non-LP Related Terms

The Path >

Syncretic Terms

Authentic Spirituality > Cosmic Religion, Identity Consistent Spirituality, Mysticism, Perennial Philosophy, Positive Religion, Progressive Spirituality, Pure Religion, Right Path, The Path, The Way, True Path


Owing to the fact that humans are embedded in a historical context, and owing to the fact that each context has its own unique political, economic, social, and psychological parameters which provide a unique experience, "paths" (i.e. the teachings, concepts, and practices supportive of Connection) are always historically specific. An ancient path taught by even the most talented of avatars is, arguably, ineffective and (often) counterproductive in the context of modern sensibilities and realities.