Discernment Red Flags

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Discernment Red Flags are warning signs that an individual can use to help distinguish/discern between an Authentic Spirituality likely to lead to Connection and an inauthentic spirituality and inauthentic teachers likely to lead towards Disjuncture and Disconnection.

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Several discernment red flags exist including:

* Identity Flags: Flags that point to ego damage and/or ego corruption and may thus indicate forms of mental distortion or illness that may corrupt the stream. 
* Behavioral Flags: Flags that provide hints on the quality of an individual's connection to The Fabric of Consciousness. 
* Quality of Teaching Flags: Quality of teaching flags that provide clues on the commitment of the individual to their purpose and mission. 
* Ideological Flags: Flags give indications on the trustworthiness of the individual's teachings based on the presence of self-serving, special interest, ideology. 

The presence of Discernment Red Flags does not necessarily invalidate a message stream, but it should cause caution and raise critical questions.

Identity Red Flags

Ideological Red Flags