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Triumph of Spirit Calling Card

The Calling is a New Energy Archetype in the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). Calling represents the call to begin The Work of Healing and Reconnection

TOSAS Archetypes

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Related Terms

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The Calling may also used to refer to the internal spiritual call to awaken to identity and purpose, activate the body's Energy System, and participate in the culmination of The Great Work of Ascension.

The Calling is typically experienced as a powerful internal urge to Awaken (i.e. figure out what's going on) and Atone (i.e. clean up for past disjunctive behaviour. )

The Calling is based on an internal, biological drive, a cognitive need to know and understand things (see Seven Essential Needs. This drive can be suppressed, but is rarely destroyed. Spiritual Ego can prime this drive at appropriate junctures to encourage awakening and push for healing and reconnection.

Failure to heed The Call, i.e. resistance to the coded behaviour of awakening, has serious psychological and emotional consequences for the physical unit. If this drive is improperly ignored or improperly expressed, Guilt, Shame, Anxiety, desperation, and other negative emotional and psychological sequelea can overwhelm the individual.

Acts 2: 1-13. Demonstration of The Calling in bible scripture.

From The Cloud of Unknowing, a reference to a God's calling. "And so with his great grace he kindled your desire, and fastened to it a leash of longing..." (Anonymous, 1981: 116).

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